Sunday, January 1, 2012

A {Very} Quick Update

I heart this picture of my little cowpokes before the Red Stegall Ranch Rodeo this year.
My hippy, S.W.A.T. team guy, and Ranger player on Halloween.
We kicked off the Christmas season with our first Elf on a Shelf. Our Elf was named Claude and he was very mischevious, always getting into the sweets {and lipstick}!
Daddy's favorite thing to do is wrestle with the kids after work.
Ugly sweatshirt party at the Pittman's.
The cousins went to see Christmas lights, and this one won the prize!
I was very proud of myself for having a Party at the North Pole birthday party for Tate's 5th birthday this year. It's so hard to squeeze a party in before Christmas and this one was just right! We wore pajamas, ate pancakes and drank hot cocoa, made reindeer food and ornaments, had a scavenger hunt, and a pinata. It was so much fun!
We got to have a girl's night at the ballet. After Emmy's recital we went to eat at Gloria's and to see the Nutcracker at Bass Hall. Such a fun tradition with our girls.
Santa came to visit at Nana's house this year, and he left so many treasures!
New hats.
A new Kindle.
A big boy bike.
A guitar.
These boys sure love each other!
We had company for Jerrod's birthday and New Year's and Brycen found the dryer :)
Jerrod was teaching Summer how to make calf fries :/
Our New Year's babies...the few that stayed awake!
Time flew too quickly these last four months. Praying your 2012 is full of blessings!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Weekend of Birthdays

We celebrated Will's 7th birthday by going to the Ranger's game! This boy loves baseball! We had a blast celebrating with family and friends!

Then on Sunday, Mom took Tatum and Lexi to the American Girl store...which was amazing! If you have a girl, you must make this trip!

Friday, July 29, 2011

What Happened? June and July Are Gone!

Wow! Another summer has already come and is almost gone! What a great summer it has been too!

Lexi got to ship cattle with the guys one day in June. If you know her at all, you know that's right up her alley. She woke up at 4:00 a.m. to meet up with the guys at headquarters. She felt warm when she woke up and had a slight fever. She begged to go anyway, so against my better judgement I gave her some Tylenol and a Pop Tart and sent her out the door. I made 30 breakfast burritos for the guys as they brought the cattle to the pens behind our house. She assured me she was doing fine and wanted to finish her morning out. Around 11:30, Mrs. Bass brought her home with a fever of 101. Her Dad said she made a great hand and even went after one that strayed from the herd. It's little stories like these about my independent girl that I never want to forget. She's going to make a pretty handy girl for a lucky man one day!

Another milestone for Lex was that she went to church camp for a week in Glen Rose. When I dropped her off we were both in tears because she's never been away from us for 5 days in a row. It was an amazing experience for her and her relationship with the Lord definitely blossomed.
The kids and I went to Abilene for a few days to relax and visit. Of course, we were spoiled rotten and had so much fun!
Teryn came to swim for the day and the girls seem to be getting closer and closer each year.
In July, we went to Broken Bow, Oklahoma for our family vacation. Jerrod and I took the kids camping for the weekend and then met up with the rest of the family to stay in a cabin for the remainder of the week. We had so much fun camping and Jerrod teaches our kids so much about the outdoors. They even caught their own bait for fishing! And as usual we had a blast with the rest of the family. There is never a dull moment!
We took our boat, which ended up adding alot to the entertainment. What a cute captain, too!
Good morning, Tate!We had a blast on the tube! We even got Ben to ride! The best part was riding the tube with my brothers. I've never laughed so hard!
I heart this picture...
mmm...watermelon for breakfast!

Nana and Papa! Poor Nana didn't feel good on this vacation.

Jerrod and Will had a very successful fishing trip on the last day we were there. We had a yummy fish fry that night!
See what the kids spelled with the rocks?
We returned from Oklahoma on a Friday afternoon, and pulled together a party for Lexi's 10th birthday (yes, double digits!) the very next day! Whew..Mama was tired after that slumber party. We had a blast though! The girls were perfect!As if that wasn't enough, we turned around and left the following Wednesday for Ruidoso for an adult trip. Jerrod didn't get to go (boo). He stayed here and manned the fort. With the drought, he's having to haul water to all of our stock. Nat and I took the kids to mom's house for cousin camp on Wednesday night and left early Thursday morning for Ruidoso. Her family has a house there. The weather was amazing...low 70's and rainy! We had so much fun. These friends of mine are truly irreplaceable! We ate...and ate....and ate...and went to the horse races!
Thanks Zach and Nat for a truly amazing weekend!

Calan loves a picture with the ladies!

Aunt Summer and Uncle Tooter were there at the same time, so we hung out with them too.

The Fabulous Four: Beck, Nat, me, Kasi

On Saturday morning the girls went on a hike. Wow! That might have been the best part of the trip. It was beautiful!

2 more weeks and I'm back to work :(...Hope your summer has been as blessed as ours!